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If you want to switch your natural curl pattern,there are plenty of methods to achieve beautiful, fluffy voluminous curls without the heat damage that comes with styling your hair using heat. These methods are beginner friendly and healthier. They include twisting,braiding and roller set methods,which will give you the results you want and 
definitely turn heads.

  • Two strand twist.
Let's start with the most common among naturalists, one of the easiest methods to give your nappy hair all-over curls. To get more definition, finger coil at the ends of the twists or use a small perm rod.

  • Wash and go
Wash and go are often achieved with a bit of product and quick natural hair styling techniques. This is the easiest way to get your natural curl pattern. Wash and condition your hair,apply an ample amount of gel or curling cream into your hair in sections, let it air dry or use a blow dry using only the cool setting.

  • Flat twist out
This is a sister to two strand twist, but is more advanced than its counter parts, but still doable. It uses the pseudo braiding technique that gives naturalists that awesome definition at the roots too. Note that they will require practice and patience if this is your first time.

  • Braid out
This style can be achieved in two ways,using free hanging plaits (similar to two strand twist) or with cornrows, either way you will get that juicy braid out.

  • Staw set
This gives you similar curls to those of flexi rods,only that this time you use straws. Simply grab some drinking straws,wrapping small sections of hair around them,secure the hair and the straw together with a bobby pin.

  • Finger coils 
This hairstyle is the best for achieving small spring- like coils,all you need is your fingers,products and patience. Apply some gel or curling cream to your fingers,twirl small sections of your hair and allow it to air dry to then style as desired.

  • Bantu knot outs
These knots can be done on any hair length, just twist and wrap the section of your hair against itself like a screw,then wrap it around the base and tuck the ends close to your scalp or secure with a pin,leave it overnight and in the morning unravel and fluff.

  • Flexi rod set
Available in different sizes,flexilods can be set on dry,wet,stretched or dump hair. Leave them overnight and pick hair out in the morning.

  • Perm rod set
They create the smoothest a looking curls,just make sure the hair is dry completely before take down.

Now you need not ruin your hair trying to curl it using heat,these heat free methods will sort you out.


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