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If you are suffering from blackheads or whiteheads, you maybe wondering how to get rid of them, that's why am here to help you. First you might want to prevent blackheads by keeping your skin exceptionally clean.

One way to remove blackheads is by extraction, you want to be very careful here because you don't want to introduce bacteria during the extraction process. 

In order to do this you should follow this procedure :

> Take two tablespoons of sea salt

>Pour it into four cups of warm water

> Dissolve the salt  in the warm water

> Soak a clean face cloth in the water and apply on the affected area for about 5 minutes and just holding it as a compressor.

After that you are ready for extraction, dumpen two pieces of cotton using your salt solution and wrap them around your index fingers, then holding your skin tight on where the blackhead is, squeeze  the area gently ,don't apply too much pressure.

If the blackhead is not released and expelled from the skin, then it's not ready and you should never force it because it can damage your skin.

Another way is by using a face mask, I most recommend white cosmetic clay about a tablespoon mixed with two teaspoon of fresh apple juice, then basically apply the mask,

 let it dry and rinse with warm water.

Those are the two ways of removing blackheads or even whiteheads.

Let me know if any of these helped you in the comments section below.


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