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To those who may not know,wash and go is a wet set style made popular by naturalists,you add curling products to your hair when is dripping wet to achieve the perfect curl definition. With wash and go ,you wear hair in it's natural curl pattern without manipulating  the style with tools,braids,twists or stretching.To get the best curl definition,you need to use either of these:> curl defining cream> defining jelly> styling gel> curl defining butterIf you choose any of these,your curls will definitely pop.Styling on soaking wet hair may feel weird,but if you want to get  the perfect wash and go on any type of hair,it's better to style on wet hair,you will get great results than styling on dump hair.Tip:To get your real natural curl pattern,use a clarifying shampoo to remove all the product buildup that you might have.KNOW YOUR CURL PATTERNIt's very important to know your hair type,that way you will always get the right products for your natural hair.Which hair t…


Follow her on Instagram: larosa is an international plus size model,body positive activist,digital influencer,blogger and she is also the founder of #VisiblyPlusSize (VPS) movement on Instagram. VPS uses it's social space to showcase plus size bodies of all shapes,colors and sizes.She started modelling in 2009 in her hometown Los Angeles,CA. She now resides in New York city. When Alex started modelling,she realized she was on the larger end of working models who were also booking jobs and this frustrated her.I represented a customer base that was not being represented in fashion.Alex said.Larosa has two major goals she says,to help other women become their best. She always talks about size diversity in the fashion industry.YU HAVE TO UNFOLLOW PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOU FEEL BAD,AND THAT'S TRUE IN REAL LIFE TOO.Check out more of her on her IG.
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Yarn hairstyles are the most common protective styles among naturalists. It has been there since ages,I remember my mom used to wrap my hair using yarn back then ,but I used to hate it because it seemed weird. Fast-foward to today,yarn is my favorite tool for my natural hair,I use it to stretch my hair,curl and most important I use it as a protective style.TIP:Always use 100% acrylic to avoid it tangling with your hair.HERE ARE STYLES YOU SHOULD TRY WITH YARNExceptional colors,twisted,braided,long,Bob they are all beautiful and easy to maintain.Yarn twistsAre you a fun of Havana twists or crotchet twists? Then you will definitely love twisted yarn styles,they are light and if done correctly they will give your natural hair the protection it needs,you can try different colors,leghths and sizes anything is gorgeous.Yarn braidsThese are the most recommended protective styles,with total loving care this style can last you for a good period of time if you are on the natural hair growth cha…