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Welcome to the launch of the new website of curvycurlss and my first blog post. My name is Jackline and am so excited to share with you more of what curvycurlss has to offer! The amount of ideas,how-to's and inspiration whirling around in my head is ready to jump out. This is where am going to share all of my new adventures, hot deals, fashion tips, make up,hair and other awesome stuff with you. So tag along for all my newest moments!

Looking back I never imagined this is where life was going to takes me. I still remember nervously walking into my first casting, unsure of my future and what it could entail.

Fast-foward to today and here we are! I'm a plus size model and now navigating through my very first blog post,reminiscing about the past and anxious to share the future. But first I wanted to share what my blog is all about, what post's to expect and how to get involved.


I started this blog to connect with the plus size women, hair naturalists and all those in the beauty world, I have everything you need from fashion, makeup and tutorials. Stay right here!

                                          Chastity garner


Every trending fashion especially for the plussize dolls,you will find it here,makeup tips,latest natural hair styles, how to instructions, what to wear for certain occasions,beauty tips,skin care routines. In short keep it right here at curvycurlss because a lot is coming up.


Growing up I never accepted my body because i didn't always look like my age mates, but when I got the opportunity to be a plus size model, i was able to accept my curves and love myself not only on the outside but inside too. After all it's not about the size you wear,but the way you wear it!


Do it your way,curvy and cheeky,no excuses. Never mind the next person because rules are meant to be broken. The only opinions that should matter to you, are the ones that inspire you. Live it up plus size, be confident and most of all be your own fun. Confidence will make you happier than any diet will. No matter your size,no matter your height, love yourself and you will be beautiful. After all we can't all be skinny!


Please connect with me here in the comments section, feel free to talk to me through my email and I will be glad to communicate with you guys! Thanks for stopping by here at CURVYCURLSS, see you on my next post.


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